As with many musicians, I started singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at a very young age. During my teen age years I was selected along with a small group of musicians to travel and perform throughout Europe, Beirut, Lebanon, Jerusalem, and throughout Israel. We performed on street corners, churches, parks and many interesting locations.

During my recovery from abuse, as I concentrated on getting healthy, many of the songs on "Healing Hearts" were written. I remember many days coming home after meeting with my therapists, going into my walk in closet, playing my guitar, and crying out in pain to God. I know He was there in my darkest hours, but many times I felt so alone and far away from Him. Some of my deepest healing came when I was able to be angry at God and be myself totally with Him. He knew my heart anyway and it was such a freedom to give Him all of me. Towards the end of my recovery I actually sold my Martin guitar and stopped singing. This was my final break from my past.

On my son Michael's 21st birthday we gave him his first guitar. My family surprised me the same day by giving me my new Larrivee guitar so I could help teach him how to play.

The gift of this guitar opened my heart and soul up again. As I started playing and singing for my family, I sang one of the songs from "Healing Hearts" - "Rock Me Jesus" -- and my daughter Sara mentioned that I should record an album to help other people in their lives.

The project soon took wings and has resulted in my first album "Healing Hearts." This album comes from my heart. My hopes are that my music will touch many people.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I know the shame a person feels. It was never our fault, and my hope for those who read these words and hear my songs.. is that they will find hope, peace and love, and know that God can surely heal their broken heart, because He is healing mine.